1. The Game

The site is a canon Pern game, set in the middle of the 8th Pass (we have Threadfall!).

We have five dragon colours. Golds impress women only. Bronzes and browns impress men only. Blues and greens impress men and women. Impression is by gender identity, not sex or sexuality.

Solaria Weyr is a liberal area, against a background of Pern shifting away from conservative/traditional views.

We have three areas to play at: Solaria Weyr, Ketrin Hold, and Mathon Hold. Full details here.

You may like to read our frequently asked questions.

The history has a summary of the current in-character situation, and notable recent events.

2. The Rules

This site has a PG-13 rating. Content should not exceed this rating.

We don't have word counts.

We have activity rules only for characters who hold in-character rank, such as Weyrwoman.

Full rules, including activity rules, are here.

3. Joining the Site

Joining the site allows you to post on the forum, as well as see some member-restricted content.

To join, click the Register link at the top right of the site. You will be guided through the Proboards registration.

After you've registered and logged in, click on the Profile link at the top of the site, then click the Groups tab. Find the Members group, and click the Join Group button to the right.

4. Your First Character

You can make near enough any type of character!

For our currently highly desired characters, and currently restricted characters, please see this topic.

Not sure what character to make? Have a look at the want ads board to see if anyone's looking for particular characters.

Want to make a character type that costs bling (our site currency)? Ask in the discord or post a request topic. You'll probably find a member willing to pay for you.

5. Posting Your Character

The admins will make you a board in the characters board.

The character template, and a guide for filling it out with prompts of what to include, is here.

Fill the template in, and post it in your board.

Once you're ready for your character to be looked at, reply to the topic to say they're finished, and click the button called 'Character approval team' to tag the team in the topic. They'll review as soon as possible.

Once you've had approval stamps from two members of the character approval team, go and play!

6. What Next?

Once your character's been approved, it's time to go play!

You could start a new topic. Pick the location you want it to take place in from the list of boards (for example, the Weyr dining cavern). Go into the board, click the 'Create Topic' button, and type your post's opening!

It's a good idea to include some details about the time of day, and anything that sets the scene for other players to consider when they add a character to the topic. You can mark the topic as 'Open' for anyone to join, or you may want to note that it's for a particular player and tag them.

Alternatively, you can join an open topic - the cbox at the top of the board (desktop view) has a list of recent open topics, and you can also browse the boards to see if any catch your eye.

7. Candidates

We love candidates! We particularly love candidates who are actively played, and whose players get involved in the site.

If you have a candidate you want to Impress, role-play, role-play, role-play! Get involved with the game and show enthusiasm beyond just an upcoming hatching. Solaria offers much more than dragons, and your candidate is more likely to Impress if you as a player get involved in stuff beyond hatchings.

We have two hatchings a year.


The chatbox at the bottom left of the game is a great place to ask questions and get to know people. You'll have to register a username on it by clicking the Profile link below it.

Want to introduce yourself? You can optionally post an introduction in this topic.