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Getting Started at Solaria Weyr, Ketrin & Mathon Holds

First of all: welcome to Solaria Weyr, Ketrin & Mathon Holds! Whether you're a guest or a new member, hopefully this guide can help you out.

What does Solaria offer that other games don't?

  • • We're based in the books' canon, but with relaxed areas such as non-sexuality based Impressions, and women Impressing blues.
  • • We're open and transparent, and encourage and support members to develop and run their own plots, be they minor or major.
  • • Our community is relaxed and friendly, supporting one another and understanding when real life is tough.
  • • We don't have activity checks or word counts, and in character and out of character leadership roles are not restricted to admins.
  • • Decisions that affect the whole site, such as rule changes, character limit changes, Weyrleader changes, and so forth, are decided by member vote.
  • • Plot development is encouraged by the inclusion of in-character barriers: gender discrimination against women, conflict between Hold and Weyr, Solaria Weyr's reputation as a "too liberal" Weyr, the toll of Threadfall, among others.
  • • Hatchings are run by Search committees comprising volunteer members, who decide played character Impressions, and write dragons for these PCs and for non-played character Impressions.

Choosing where your character comes from
Choosing where to have them live/come from is detailed in the section below. We have four played areas - Solaria Weyr, Ketrin Hold, Mathon Hold, and Ver Hold. All have their own histories, and certain events that would have had an impact on the lives of the people who live there. As they were so major, they must be mentioned for your character to be approved. In each of the next sections, we detail these events.

In each area's box, there is also a list of events you might mention in your character's history or personality. These do not have to be mentioned for your character to be approved, but there might be an event that sticks out as something you want your character to have been involved in, had an opinion about, or maybe just have heard of in passing. Some suggestions for character ideas relating to these events are also included, and might jump out at you as a character you really want to make. However, you can also easily ignore these events entirely with no detriment to your character. To view these optional events, click the arrow next to the title to reveal them.

The Unflown Mathon Threadfall
This event must be mentioned in all characters' histories if they are of an age to remember it or be affected by it. It was an event so extreme that anyone able to understand it has an opinion of it.

In mid autumn of P8 T2, Lord Teron denied three girls the right to accept Search for Solaria Weyr. While Weyrwoman Levay distracted Lord Tremol, the Searchriders took the girls to the Weyr. The Hold withdrew its tithes to the Weyr. In early summer of P8 T3, after several months of fruitless negotiations, the Weyr withdrew its protection against Thread for Mathon. The Hold was devastated by one Threadfall. Many people tried to protect the Hold's crops and died. Children were left without fathers or as orphans, and women left as widows. The Hold's crops were decimated. Lord Teron died in the 'fall and his oldest son, Tremol, became Lord.

Character Birthplaces/Locations

What is Solaria Weyr's Atmosphere Like?
Solaria Weyr is infamous on Pern as being a Weyr of upheaval and changing politics. The overall politics are progressive, thanks to the Weyr's current policy of allowing girls to stand for any clutch. Girls Impress greens quite commonly, blues very rarely (and golds when they crop up). In the crafts represented at the Weyr, female apprentices and journeymen are commonplace. While changes in Weyrleadership have meant this is not always the case, the Weyr is - overall - moving to a more liberal future.
The Weyr has been inhabited for some 300 Turns - worth bearing in mind as it's quite different to games that use newly-founded Weyrs.

What is Solaria Weyr's Geography Like?
Solaria Weyr is located on a tip of land on the southern continent. It enjoys a climate comparable to the Mediterranean, with hot summers and mild winters. It sometimes snows, but very rarely. Rain storms can happen in the winter, and sometimes in the summer. With easily-accessible beaches and nearby rainforest, it's an attactive place to live, especially for Northerners looking for a different life. However, it is not without its dangers from the local wildlife. The Weyr itself is built in an inactive volcano's caldera.

Why choose Solaria Weyr?
As with all Pern role-playing sites, the Weyr has the most activity. It has the true pull of Pern - dragons. There's a huge variety of character types you can play, and there's always something to be involved in. It's an ideal place for a first character, where you can quickly and easily find a place for them to fit in and make friends (and enemies!)

Click on a section title to see the events in that section.

Events you might like to mention (T1 to T5): P8 T3 (mid summer) - around 100 Mathon refugees arrive at the Weyr after the unflown Threadfall.
Character idea: Your character got into an fight with a Mathon refugee over the fact that the Weyrs' supplies were stretched thin by the arrivals.

P8 T3 (mid winter) - Deformed gold hatches and goes Between.
Character idea: Your character fell out with their best friend because their friend was convinced that the refugees caused the deformed gold.

P8 T3 (mid autumn) - Weyrleader N'sig moves all female riders to new Dawnlight Shining Wing.
Character idea: Your character disagreed with the Wing - because they thought having the women all together would let them conspire.

P8 T5 (mid spring) - Weyrleader N'sig bans girls from Standing save for gold eggs.
Character idea: Your character was a girl who had just reached Impressionable age when the ban was put in place.

Events you might like to mention (T6 to T10): P8 T6 (mid summer) - Weyrleader N'sig relaxes the Standing rule to allow Weyrbred girls and previous female candidates to Stand for any clutch.
Character idea: Your character is a Holdbred girl who was still barred from standing and was resentful of the Weyrbred girls.

P8 T7 (mid summer) - S'tyn becomes Weyrleader again and relaxes Standing rules for girls.
Character idea: Your character was a traditionally-minded boy who didn't want to compete with female candidates.

P8 T9 (early winter) - Orliel, a young mother, Impresses a dragon from the Stands.
Character idea: Your character was a candidate who was left on the Sands and was furious that someone who wasn't a candidate Impressed.

P8 T9 (late spring) - Weyrwoman Levay steps down due to ongoing ill health.
Character idea: Your character is a former Mathonite who is happy that Levay stepped down.

P8 T10 (early summer) - Niru, a Mathonite refugee, becomes Weyrwoman.
Character idea: Your character thought this new Weyrwoman has a Mathonite agenda and wants to destroy the Weyr.

Events you might like to mention (T11 to present): P8 T11 (early winter) - A man outside of age range Impresses a blue.
Character idea: Your character was a former candidate who aged out and thinks it's unfair that they were not allowed to Stand again.

P8 T12 (mid autumn) - Two blues in one clutch Impress to girls, first time in Pernese history.
Character idea: Your character is a female who thinks the increasing number of blue Impressions to females is a triumph for all women.

P8 T12 (mid spring) - Weyrleader J'than has a heart attack during Threadfall and goes between permanently.
Character idea: Your character is a rider who had dreams of becoming Weyrleader but lost the flight.

P8 T13 (mid autumn) - Egg touches formally begin with Ceocayath's clutch.
Character idea: Your character worried that touching the eggs would harm the developing dragons and tried to approach the Weyrwoman with these concerns.

P8 T13 (late autumn) - During the hatching of Ceocayath's clutch, more children are stolen by Jenoramil, the Steward of Mathon Hold.
Character idea: One of the stolen children was a family member or friend of your character.

P8 T13 (early winter) - Weyrwoman Niru was implicated in the plot to steal children, however, no solid proof could be found. Niru decided to step down in light of her lingering depression, and transferred to a Northern Weyr to get away from the stress.
Character idea: Your character believed that Niru was innocent, and continues to stand by that belief.

P8 T14 (late winter) - An Earthquake shakes the Weyr and causes damage, injuries, and death. Event information.
Character idea: Your character is permanently injured in the earthquake.
What is Ketrin Hold's Atmosphere Like?
Ketrin Hold is the older of Solaria Weyr's two Holds. It is more liberal than Mathon Hold, but not as much as the Weyr. It is well known for runnerbeast breeding and racing. The previous Lord, Darylawn, was a notorious womaniser, and has many bastard children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren about the place. A Harper Hall - the second on Pern - was built two Turns into the 8th Pass, and serves as an important hub for the southern continent.

What is Ketrin Hold's Geography Like?
Ketrin Hold lies around 30 miles south of Solaria Weyr, and 65 miles north-west of Mathon Hold. Ketrin enjoys a climate similar to the Weyr's - hot summers and milder winters. The temperatures don't tend to get as high overall, but it's still a very pleasant place to live. Storms are not unheard of, especially heavy rainstorms, but these aren't common enough to be detrimental to the Hold.

Why choose Ketrin Hold?
Hold role-play does not appeal to everyone, but perhaps Ketrin Hold might change your mind about it. Ketrin has its own bubble of activity, with plots taking place there and overlapping with events at the Weyr and Mathon. Of our two Holds, it offers "lighter" RP - some have called it the soap opera Hold! - and a chance to lead characters down paths they may not get to explore at a Weyr. The Harper Hall also offers the chance to have a learning or teaching Harper, who might get involved in plots in a unique way.

Click on a section title to see the events in that section.

Events you might like to mention: P8 T2 (late summer) - Harper Hall building is completed.
Character idea: Your character decided to become an apprentice at the new Hall.

P8 T3 (late spring) - Merry Men start stealing for Mathon.
Character idea: Your character's family has their best herdbeast stolen.

P8 T7 (early winter) - Merry Men attempt to kidnap the Lord Holder's daugter, Aridana, from a hatching.
Character idea: Your character wondered how the Merry Men were able to get into the Weyr undetected; can the Weyr be trusted to protect people?

P8 T8 (mid winter) - Lord Darylawn dies, naming his young grandson Renaire as his heir, and Lady Erihime and Bandere as regents for the baby.
Character idea: Your character believed one of Darylawn's older children should have been named heir, instead of a child.

P8 T12 (mid winter) - Conclave assigns a Lord Regent to replace Lady Erihime in charge of Ketrin.
Character idea: Your character believed Lady Erihime was being treated unfairly and had an argument with a neighbour about it.

P8 T14 (throughout winter) - Constant, heavy rain over Ketrin Hold and surrounding areas
Character idea: Your character is an animal farmer and mostly unaffected; their friend's crops, however, were destroyed.
What is Mathon Hold's Atmosphere Like?
Mathon is famous for the sad reason of having been devastated by an unfought Threadfall. The result of a disagreement between Solaria and Mathon over the Search of some Mathonite girls, it ended with the Weyr withdrawing its protection for one Threadfall. The result was death of people who went out to try and protect their crops, as well as widespread loss of vegetation, animal life, and damage to the Hold's wooden structures. Turns later, the recovery is nearly complete, but the memory of that event is harder to forget, and many Mathonites - especially older ones - still harbour resentment towards the Weyr. Many impress that upon their children, and the Hold is hardly a friend to the Weyr even with the efforts of Lord Tremol to improve relationships. The Hold considers itself proud for rebuilding, and the people are hard-working. They especially pride themselves on not needing assistance to look after themselves.

What is Mathon Hold's Geography Like?
Mathon is located 100 miles south-east of Solaria Weyr, and 65 miles south-east of Ketrin Hold. It sits on the western side of a large river, and so boating and fishing are well-established there. The climate is more temperate than that of the Weyr and Ketrin, with cooler winters and more chance of winter snows.

Why choose Mathon Hold?
If you like tragedy, Mathon has it in spades. The Hold was devastated by the unfought Threadfall, and most families lost at least a relative. Others lost their livelihoods because of destroyed crops. If you want to explore a character who has had a difficult time in life, Mathon can offer this with the unfought Threadfall still a shadow over so many people. Similarly, if you want to play a character who dislikes or even outright hates dragonriders, a Mathonite is a good choice due to the tensions with the Weyr over the unfought Threadfall.

Events you must mention for a Mathon character:
P8 T13 (early winter) - Steward Jenoramil is caught and sentenced for the kidnappings - verdict is death.
Character idea: The method of death (staked out for Thread) brings back painful memories of your character's losses during the unfought Threadfall.
Character idea: Your character thought Jenoramil's only crime was protecting Mathon and protests the trial.

Click on a section title to see the events in that section.

Events you might like to mention: P8 T12 (mid autumn) - Jenoramil begins a plot to kidnap children from the Weyr and give them to Mathonites.
Character idea: Your character is given one of the stolen children but realises nothing can replace the children lost in the unflown 'Fall.

P8 T13 (Turnover) - Green Kaseith rises at the Turnover Gather and causes high emotions in those there.
Character idea: Your character's sister ends up sleeping with a stranger at the Gather and falls pregnant.
Character idea: Your character's parent was horrified to learn that this sort of behaviour is commonplace at the Weyr and refuses to allow your character to accept Search.
What is Ver Hold's Atmosphere Like?
Ver Hold was founded in P8 T9 Early Spring, by Darish - former heir to Ketrin Hold - and his wife, Arisime. The Hold is the youngest minor Hold in Solaria's territory, and generally has an upbeat, hard-working feel to it. There's still plenty to be done about the place, expanding it and adding more conveniences, but the people are generally cheerful. Many came to Ver for a new life, often from Ketrin and Mathon, so attitudes tend to be abou tlooking to the future rather than dwelling on the past. The Hold currently has no specialised production, instead focusing on subsistence farming and building their resources.

What is Ver Hold's Geography Like?
Ver Hold is a minor Hold opposite the Mathon River from NPC Nol Hold (which technically falls under Ketrin's aegis, although it tends to hold Ketrin at a bit of a distance). Ver is located on a sweeping bend in the river. Ver Hold is built of stone and brick within a huge cliff overhang, with a steep path leading down from the Hold area to the riverside - example. The Hold has at least one dock on the river, and a beasthold.

Why choose Ver Hold?
Ver Hold is a very young Hold, and as such there's lots of things to get involved in here that are not as likely at the long-established Holds. Ver is also a good way to get a transfer in from the North, especially crafters who can lend their skills to the young Hold. There's also the chance to get really involved in shaping the Hold's future in many ways - what it specialises in producing, its politics, its relationship with other Holds and the Weyr, to name a few.

Click on a section title to see the events in that section.

Events you might like to mention: P8 T9 (early spring) - Founding of the Hold
Character idea: Your character was one of the first Holdfolk and had a hand in building a major aspect of the Hold