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No New Posts Kitchen

This is where the food is prepared for the Weyr and feasts and such. It is joined to the Dining Cavern by its south side, with two large wooden doors connecting the two rooms. The kitchen is always a bustling centre of activity as meals are prepared, meals are served, dishes are cleaned and klah is brewed. Not many people actually go here, but it is always open, and busy with meals being prepared, but meaning a seldom visited place to stay and talk.

89 924 Baking Day! [Os'gar/Ren]
by Os'gar
May 22, 2020 18:25:02 GMT
No New Posts Corridors

You'd be surprised at how much actually goes on in the corridors of Solaria Weyr. They take you from here to there, sure, but what also goes on in them? Always used as a connection between rooms and places, the corridors will be busy with people - you never know what might happen whilst wandering in the long, branched corridors!

140 1,519 Ope. [Stand Only]
by E'sai
Jul 2, 2020 19:05:03 GMT
No New Posts Dining Cavern

Large enough to house the entire Weyr, the entrance to the Cavern is an opening out onto the lower ledge from the Weyrbowl. Plenty of light comes in here during the day, but at night glowlights are opened to illuminate the area. Long wooden tables and many wooden chairs made of wood from the same type of trees are provided, and the serving tables are nearest the kitchen entrance, and are regularly restocked with food and beverages to be sure that no matter what time someone comes in here, there will always be something to eat or drink. A popular meeting place for all folk, almost always providing some sort of entertainment or conversation going on. There will usually be someone to chat away with in the Dining Cavern - maybe not over the immense eating that occurs, but still enough socialisation to keep people happy. You can guarantee that any gossip would spread to here first of all - maybe the only reason why some even visit the place!

593 8,265 Let's Make a Plan... Part II (Aylani)
by Aylani
Aug 13, 2020 2:58:49 GMT
No New Posts Bathing Cavern

A favourite place of all weyrfolk to come and bathe, this warm, glowbasket-lit cavern has one large pool of hot, fresh water in the middle of its stone floor. Seats of stone set into the edge are carved of the very same rock as the floor: the pool was carved out by the original settlers of the Weyr during its formation. Around the edge of the cavern's wall (for the cavern itself is one large dome set within the rockface) is another long bench formed out of the rock. Here and there glowbaskets are set out, giving a soft illumination that is quite relaxing. A shelf stacked with bottles of sweets and, and another with freshly-laundred towels are there ready for anyone and everyone. The water in the pool is warm because it rises up from the planet's hot core, and another naturally-formed pipe leads it back down into the ground.

120 1,366 I Take That Information And then I Smuggle It [Ivy/Zaralis]
by Ivy
Jul 7, 2020 1:43:06 GMT
No New Posts Storeroom

On both sides of the long, over-stretched room, the shelves are lined with anything that isn't currently needed. Through the middle, as along the walls, many, many more shelves lie, providing a place for everything. One window sits at the end of the distant room, providing a lage source of light - enough to find what you are looking for. Come here to get any kinds of supplies you may need The storeroom is sure to have what you're looking for, but just try to be careful not to get lost amongst the shelves and shelves of items. Occasionally, you may find interesting and unusual items here- even, as it is rumoured, fire-lizard eggs. Be careful not to disorganise any of the stock, otherwise there will be chaos. We wouldn't know where to find any of the things we need!

46 479 Reach For It (Vandelay)
by Sr'ke
Aug 1, 2020 1:42:18 GMT
No New Posts Records Room

Dusty, musty and slightly dank, the Records Room is located at the far end of the main corridor leading from the dining cavern along the side of the Weyrbowl. There are plenty of records here, but not the many hundreds that the older Weyrs have. Solaria Weyr hasn't been around for that long, and certainly nothing exceedingly interesting has happened to it during its time (as so far, anyhow), but the records can provide interesting enough reading to anyone who cares to pay a visit to the room. Weyrlings may be taken here for their lectures. Records ranging from clutches to even the most insignificant things are kept organised in this room, making it easily accessible to anyone looking for a particular one - even moreso organised than the stockroom.

60 653 Rock Steady (R'kesh/K'ran)
by Ivy
Jun 17, 2020 2:03:16 GMT
No New Posts Laundry Room

Here, clothes are washed and scrubbed clean by the weyrfolk and Headwoman's staff. People come here to leave their clothes for washing, and then later retreive them when the items have been washed, dried out on the rocks beside the Bathing Lake. The room consists of the basic four walls, lined with washing stations for clothes and an exit to the Lake, where the washed clothes can bask in the sun on the rocks.

42 513 Scrub-a-dub! [Chore Group 2]
by Luen
Apr 2, 2020 21:58:00 GMT
No New Posts Candidate Barracks

The candidate barracks are a huge, long room in the lower caverns. It's designed to hold upwards of sixty people. Each candidate gets a simple cot and a small press to keep their belongings in.

231 2,529 Learnings Hard! (Rikuin)
by R'kuin
Jun 5, 2020 1:56:30 GMT
No New Posts Nursery

Children generally younger than ten Turns are looked after here by the nursery workers and foster mothers of the Weyr. All sorts of children are looked after, ranging from the fostered children of dragonriders to the children of residents and even the rare child of a Holder, fostered to the Weyr by the Hold. The nursery is a fairly small building, with an outside entrance leading to a small garden where the children generally play during the day. Visitors come and go, checking up on the children, giving them new people to see. The atmosphere is generally placid and comfortable around here, meaning a quiet place for the children to be at.

109 1,102 Dragon Baby Sitting (Open/Creche)
by E'mus
May 23, 2020 22:32:43 GMT
No New Posts Infirmary

The infirmary is placed near the edge of the lower caverns, with entrances from the bowl (for access for dragons into the larger 'bubble' where they are treated) and the lower caverns. Shelves line one wall, herbs and medicines covering them. The other side of the room has beds for those who need close treatment from the healer and for those who just need rest. Across the room is a doorway, where there are two directions to go. Towards the right are the healers' sleeping quarters. If you go to the right, you end up in another room, where assistants and trainees sleep. Folk with all kinds of medical problems come and go, passing through here on a daily basis, but the beds are usually reserved for the more serious injuries, or those that need regular treatments. New-born babies are often found in the infirmary with their mothers, just until they are safe to go back home.

480 4,829 A-tisket, A-tasket! (Indria/Shel)
by Ivy
Aug 11, 2020 2:36:57 GMT
No New Posts Craft Caverns

All the caverns for the various crafts represented at Solaria Weyr are found here. There are teaching areas, work spaces, and offices.

78 996 In the Name of SCIENCE! (Torrin)
by Taenia
Aug 13, 2020 15:28:27 GMT

Lower Caverns

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